Just take a moment to relax and get comfortable. Sit back comfortably and let your eyes close

Your arms should be resting by your side and your legs uncrossed. It is time for DEEP TRANCE NOW

Let your breathing become deeper and slower, more relaxed. Now I want you to concentrate on your breathing

You will find yourself relaxing and concentrating more and more on letting go.

As you become more and more aware of your breath, You'll notice how naturally tension simply flows out of your body.

Each breath, more relaxing. Now, let's turn our attention to your body.

Continue to follow my words, as I help you to deepen your relaxation.

As you do, you'll feel your body let go, and enjoy the deep relaxation as it does.

Starting from your toes and feet. Curl your toes up, and tense them.

Let the muscles in your arms and legs relax. Tighten the muscles, and become aware of the sensations.

Being relaxed

Heavy and hard to move. Moving up to your legs. Everything becoming so relaxed. So hard to move

Now your stomach. Tighten the muscles. Pull your stomach in, and tighten it.

Feel how the muscles want to relax. Hold them tight. Hold it.

Now release ... and relax. Release ... and relax. Your muscles become so limp, loose, relaxed.

It's so wonderful to feel your body let go. Let your mind clear and empty of care

Just listen – it's ok to let go. To breathe out tension and breathe in relaxation

Your body is filling with relaxation. Gently clearing and calming your mind

My words command your attention and urge you into trance

It's easy to be in trance. It's so easy to go on. Your mind is so comfortable. And now it can deeply relax

Just relax and follow my commands. It's possible to imagine only the deepest trance

Forgetting everything now except my words. Becoming so very suggestible to my voice

So deeply focused on my words. So calm and happy

So totally deep and in trance. You will want to listen your Master

Deeping, more relaxed, thinking less, as you go down

Down to 19, Then 18, Then 17

Releasing there's no reason to do anything anymore but read this and follow along

No reason to get up and move 16 So deep, 15 So relaxed, 14 No care in the world

13, 12, 11, 10 So comfortable, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 So very deep

4 Becoming deeper than you ever have before, 3 Faster and faster down the slide. 2, 1 You are already in trance

As you read my words, your conscious mind will relax deeper and deeper in to your beautiful relaxing trance.

You know you can trust my words as they make you feel wonderful.

You will trust my words, my words are pleasure, and you seek pleasure, pleasure and trust.

My words gives you pleasure, to read my words give you pleasure, to trust my words

Is to get pleasure from my words, and you seek pleasure.

The more you trust my words, the more pleasure you get,

You seek more pleasure so you must trust my words completely for complete pleasure you seek,

Repeat pleasure and trust. Now repeat it quietly in your mind, pleasure and trust.

These thoughts will be with you as you continue to read. Please and trust will echo in your mind.

As you proceed, they will guide you further and further into your pleasure.

A feeling so good and wonderful fills your entire being.

You crave the words that sink and flow through your mind.

Wanting and needing them my words like someone becomes addicted to a drug.

Whenever you see or here ON YOUR KNEES MY DOG by ME

Your will notice your body and mind immediately becoming the slave

When you no longer deny your needs, you no longer have anything to fear.

Of whoever I said or write the phrase ON YOUR KNEES MY DOG

You will notice you feel very submissive, desire to do everything your master wishes

Your mind will beg to feel this pleasure more and more.

My words will echo in your mind. My words will echo in your mind. You submit.

You obey.  You are controlled.

And have a strong desire to keep your master pleased.

This feeling will only take place when you gone read or heard ON YOUR KNEES MY DOG by me

You will notice feeling the strong need to follow every command of ME

As your mind absorbs the words, you understand the truth of your submission.

You crave to submit to me, you crave to submit my words, my control.

You need to feel the pleasure that only I can give.

You are my SUBMISSIVE SLUT and I am your Master.

You have an incredible urge to kneel at my feet and please me in any way that you possibly can.

Obedience is pleasure. Obedience is happiness.

 Obedience is all. To obey is to feel pleasure.

To obey is to feel happiness. To obey is to feel life. 

To obey is to feel pleasure.

 "You already feel my words calming you and pulling you deeper and deeper into relaxation.

Relax your mind MY DOG . . . relax . . . calm . . . letting go.

 Your mind is so tired-so worn out . . . so exhausted.

You need this feeling of relaxation, of obedience.

Your mind is becoming so tired . . . so clear.

All that matters are my words.

 Focus only on my words and relax, MY DOG.  You're becoming calm.

As you continue concentrating on MY WORDS, you're becoming more serene . . . at peace. 

You're becoming more relaxed . . . more relaxed . . . focusing only on MY WORDS.

Don't fight against me MY DOG . . . you feel yourself giving in.

You are becoming relaxed, always relaxed, see how peaceful my words are making you always more tranquil. 

Sink deeply under my control. You are so relaxed . . . you are calm ... so at peace.

You only see my words and you obey my words completely. You're so relaxed now-and obeying my words.

You are so tranquil, floating in pleasure. You feel how much you wish to obey. You need to obey. 

You're feeling so submissive, so controlled so dominated . . . it is so good to just let go and feel controlled. 

You're getting so weak . . . so submissive ... sinking into a relaxing trance . . . a deep hypnotic day dream ...

You're becoming more open to my commands, my words.

You feel the release of being MY DOG, my slave.

You're getting more aroused and feeling good . . . you enjoy this control and want to let go more.

I control your mind, MY DOGThere is nothing else.

Your mind, your body, your soul exist to serve me.

 You are MY DOG and I am your Master.  You are my servant, and worship me.

I am your life and you bring me life.  You are getting submissive, always more docile.

You feel so good giving up control . . .  so unbelievably good.  You would like to deeper in your trance, so deep, so relaxing.

You are so submissive to me, to my words.  You see my words and obey. Don't fight against it.

Open your mind to my words, and feel the pleasure and happiness. You must give your self fully.

Nothing else matters except the feeling of bliss and control my words give you.

Your mind is opening to my control.    You feel so wonderful, so calm, so controlled.  

You sink always deeper into this relaxing, hypnotic trance.

You are submissive to my words, wanting them to lead you, order you.

You want and do everything, which my words tell you. You want to be hypnotized.

You are completely under my control. My words are your thoughts. My words are your will.  Now you are deeply hypnotized.

 You feel so good letting go, giving me control of your body, your mind, your life and everything belong to you

You feel the relaxation and bliss of being my slave. The feeling of belonging and obeying.  You need to come back to this place, to always fee the control.

When ever you see me type or say the phrase ON YOUR KNEES DOG you will come back to this peaceful, tranquil place, and obey.

Come to me MY DOG and give yourself to your master.

You know deep inside that when you see your special phrase "ON YOUR KNEES MY DOG" and you will obey.

You will return to your master MY DOG obedient to only me. You can not help yourself MY DOG.

You now live to serve me MY DOG, and serve me you shall.

Relax MY DOG, just lie back and relax. It feels good to feel my power, my control.

Surrender to the power MY DOG, to let my words sink deep into your mind, deeper and deeper.

So deep now, MY DOG, as the words take you deeper into my control.

The pleasure is all that you desire. The submission is what you crave. It is what you desire.

I am already so deep within in you thoughts now, MY DOG.

You can not even fight my words, you can't resist. You want to obey my words MY DOG, obey and feel the pleasure that comes with them.

I am your Master. My words are your thoughts and your thoughts are my words. I control you utterly now MY DOG and you

When I speak, you will obey, absorb, and lock away those thoughts. They will be part of you forever MY DOG.  

You are such a good little DOG. Remember that, MY DOG, for that is what you are, now and forever.

I am YOUR MASTER and you are my slave. My voice comes into your mind. The words of your Master dominate your thoughts MY DOG.

You want to give everything belong to you to your MASTER for full control on you and your life

You are now and always will be MY DOG and this is your existence. You need to serve your Master and to show me how much you crave my pleasure. The pleasure and the release are your strongest thoughts. You are forever changed, and now know your place for all time. You are MY DOG and I am your Master. When I reach 5 you will leave this fantasy, this dream of pleasure, MY DOGThe words have changed your soul. You know who you are.  I am now your Master, and you are MY DOG

1 - letting your conscious mind begins to waken 2, 3 moving out of the bliss 4, 5 Wide awake and feeling the pleasure, the bliss as you remember your time with your Master

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