CHAPTER 1




Vast changes through planet are simply reflected in the creation of new cultures, of new paradigms. Yes, it y forever have probably a company also individualistic only ours.


There is no doubts that the homosexuality is more old than human been and we can talk during a long moment to know if we see the homosexuality like a social construction built by scientific men and socials authors.


The sexual activity, after all, is one of the human means of expression. It speaks about the love, the life, the continuation of the pleasure, the extase, the spiritual one which transcends covetousness and animal passion, of the reason.


A too great number among us think that the way that we live is the way each one must live. The differences threaten us. Conformity brings comfort. Not wanting to face its own phobias about the homosexual individual, certain heterosexuals find a false safety while labelling, while ridiculing, while persecuting, by proscribing the homosexual one. My experiment taught me that which does not like the homosexual ones, is afraid of its own sexuality.


It is essential to include/understand the universal aspect of homosexuality well: a behaviour concerning the two sexes, present at all the times and in all the cultures. From old Egypt in Greece and Ancient Rome, of imperial China in Japan of the samurais, tribes of the Indians of America in Europe and Africa, homosexuality incarnates a historical and social reality, more or less recognized or fought according to places'. Nowadays, homosexuality is not any more in the shade and it is only very recently that it profits from a true de-penalisation. Up to that point, indeed, and almost at all times, the "sodomis" were continued in front of the courts. Today still, there are countries like the Saudi Arabia, for example, where one locks up people for their homosexuality, when they are not killed purely and simply.


Causing curiosity or the rejection, this minority practice that is homosexuality caused an impressive quantity of books, writings and other speeches proving fascination that it forever ceased exerting on the spirits. It is known today that in the animal, in fact hormonal factors determine initially homosexuality.


A hormonal disordered state like a lack of testosterone or an overdose of oestrogens, intervening at the time of the passage at the adulthood, would seem to be able to support a behaviour femellaïde in the male. The opposite process can also occur in the female.


But what happen does at the Man? The first stage of sexual differentiation to which must face the human being is physical and relates to the anatomy of the two sexes. A stage occurring at the time of organogenesis (the period lasting a pregnancy where alive in the process of development occurs the formation of the bodies to be it). With regard to the stage of cerebral differentiation, it can occur much later. It can thus exist at certain individual's coexistence between a male or female genital apparatus and a homosexual hormono-cerebral determination, reversed consequently.


From this point of view, the thesis of a genetic origin of homosexuality could find some arguments. Lastly, the fact better thus would be explained that the homosexual ones often entrust to feel very different from the heterosexuals. However, no reasoning was more shining or most conclusive, cannot completely explain the mechanisms of a sexual identity. In other words, one cannot limit oneself to simple biological factors as for wanting to include/understand and decipher the mechanisms which make the homosexual behaviour. Homosexuality can prove to be a temporary or intermittent behaviour at certain people, and also sometimes to find itself integrated in a bisexual identity. There is not thus absolute genetic determinism. Speaking Sociology, one spoke much about the mode, the social ambition and even about curiosity to establish possible psychosocial factors related to the determination of the homosexual sexual identity.


The theory of the anti-complementarities poses like postulate of the social success of an individual, the need for reaching the opposite of it for what one seemed determined.


On the psychic level, we have a whole female pole and a male pole, more or less balanced. From the psychosocial point of view, one knows that the sexual identity can be strongly found influenced by the conditions of the education of an individual. According to in that work of Freud on the origins of sexuality, of many psychologists considers that the sexual identity tested by the person rises directly from sound lived family in its infancy.



That brings to the problem of the relation between the father and the mother, and of what the child in retained while growing. For example, a too authoritative mother married to a man in withdrawal, will not offer an image very developing of the man to her child. This will choose not to be identified with the father but with his mother, since the latter incarnates the head of household. By this identification with the mother, the homosexual potential thus will choose the reinforcement of its female slope.


It is not always obvious to find an understanding between the point of view of a heterosexual or that of homosexual, whatever their sex, about the reasons and explanations which one can advance to decipher homosexuality. With too much wanting to seek significance with the reasons which lead to the homosexual behaviour, one is sometimes likely to accumulate a series of stereotypes or prejudices, often being unaware of that the elementary principle of a homosexual relation is to be also a human relation.


It remains an established fact and so much often checked, to include/understand why two people of the same sex can test a reciprocal attraction: that is called the love, and it is not necessary even to put a capital letter for simply admitting at it that it is well there a fundamental need for all humanity. Curiously, the feelings in love that are very seldom associated the homosexual behaviours.


The parents who find themselves confronted with the homosexuality of their child often say to want "to cure" their child. Homosexuality is not a psychosis or physical. The parents are simply not prepared to have a homosexual child. When it is the case, they need assistance to react with love. Because it is that who's their child on the matter has more the need for their share.


"Coming Out" consists in for a gay revealing around him which it is gay… A situation lived more or less well according to cases' but which always preserves the same objective: to release itself from the weight of the secrecy. Before making its advertisement, it is to better think of certain details. When statement? With which to say it? Parents, friends… ? Orally or written? Or, via an other person…

The homosexual ones often regard the bisexuality as a homosexual behaviour primarily fantasmatic in its logic. A manner for heterosexuals of giving some shivers of transgression without completion to pass on other side.


However, the bisexual ones have the right well as much that others to reach the pleasure which is theirs! A young person becoming aware of her tastes as regards sexuality, realizing that it is attracted towards partners of the same sex, inevitably always easily did not see this situation. Worry to be misunderstood, it can wall itself in a silence which will do nothing but increase its insulation. The dialogue remains well the best means of not accumulating frustrations.

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